They Only Come Out at Night (Marvin Gray Book 2)

Marvin Gray, on the verge of a nervous breakdown, is hiding in an abandoned motel in Lexington, Kentucky when he encounters three complex young women who change his life. Nasreen is a twenty-three-year-old Persian goddess who reawakens both his sexuality and his will to survive, while at the same time implicating him in attempted murder.Mia is a younger and tougher African American version of himself. She earns his trust by renewing his sense of purpose, restoring his faith in humanity, and saving his life. Gray soon finds himself scrambling to save hers.Andrea is a university student from Marvin’s hometown. When she blogs about his role in a tragedy buried deep in Gray’s past, she unwittingly tips off a Mexican drug cartel as to his whereabouts. Now he is forced to choose between fleeing for his life and turning himself over to the cartel to save the lives of those around him. They Only Come Out at Night is the thriller sequel to Maggie May. In it, guilt-ridden private detective Marvin Gray once again finds himself out of his league among a daunting array of criminal adversaries.

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Book Title: They Only Come Out at Night (Marvin Gray Book 2)

Book Author: Marvin Gray

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