CRYPTOGRAM PUZZLES LARGE PRINT - Find Out Cool Brain Teasers - Carry Them In Your Backpack

CRYPTOGRAM PUZZLES LARGE PRINT. If you don’t wish to lose out on the Ultimate Cryptogram puzzle book to increase your IQ while having fun doing it, then keep reading.As a child, Jim always struggled with letter recognition, logic, words, and vocabulary. Well, it always resulted in getting lower grades in the English language and Logic subjects. Thus he used to be depressed about why he was not as good as the other kids who are so fluent with words and logic. At that time Jim had no one to guide him in this journey because neither coaching classes were there, nor were his parents educated enough to help him out with this skill related to these subjects. Hence, he struggled throughout his teens and even wanted to skip his high school exams because of fear. The result, Jim ended up being poor in words, vocabulary, and language. Thus, he was a discouraged kid in his teens.Later Jim discovered a fun way to learn about words and increasing his vocabulary all in his free time. Searching for words became an amazing experience not just for Jim, but also for his school students. They enjoyed every moment they spent on searching words and the joy of finding out the words made their day.200 Exciting Puzzles with Hints and Solutions, everything you needLarge Print Easy on the eyesOnly 4 Puzzles Per Page. Provides ample room to work on the puzzlesLarge A4 - 8.5 x 11 size. Great for home or take with you wherever you goHours of Fun. Perfect for weekends and vacations We want to assure you that your decision to buy this book will be a great one because the book costs only a fraction of the price of a personal coaching which would cost upto 50 USD an hour.Scroll up, click the buy button and instantly get your book at 13.97 USD 10.97 USD now (1/10th of the cost of a coaching session) and for bonus link inside the book to get more books when launched at a discounted price

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Book Title: CRYPTOGRAM PUZZLES LARGE PRINT - Find Out Cool Brain Teasers - Carry Them In Your Backpack

Book Author: Mr. Jim Johnson

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ISBN: 109653651X